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Injuries to Children



A severe injury can inflict lasting physical and emotional harm to a child. Children who suffer serious injuries due to negligent or intentional actions of other parties deserve compensation for their financial losses and emotional pain.

At The Law Offices of Olins & Zucconi, we help these young victims get the compensation they need to recover and cope with their injuries.

Our Dedicated San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys Know the Effects of Child Injuries Can Last a Lifetime

Even many attorneys who focus their practices on personal injury law do not fully recognize the severe and lasting effect a child injury can have. For example, a severe injury to a growth plate on a leg bone, if not treated by surgery, can stunt the growth of one leg while leaving the other to grow. The resulting condition will have adverse physical and emotional effects on the child.

As experienced California child injury attorneys of The Law Offices of Olins & Zucconi, we understand child injuries. We know how to evaluate the effects a catastrophic injury may have over the lifetime of the child and how to measure the effect the injury may have on his or her lifetime earnings.

How You Can Help Your Child Recover

If your child has suffered serious injuries such as gym class injuries or injuries on a school bus, is the victim of a dog bite injury, had a trampoline accident, or has been injured while working at an after-school job, collect as much information as possible about the event. Talk with school officials or supervising personnel, make a list of witness's names, and any other relevant information. Do not sign any papers or talk with an insurance company representative.

Often the only witnesses to the accident are children. Their memories fade quickly. The sooner you act to preserve their evidence, the better. Failing to act promptly may harm your chances of recovery.

Contact The Law Offices of Olins & Zucconi as soon as possible for a free consultation. We can advise you as to what your next steps should be.

Evaluating childhood injuries and obtaining the compensation a child deserves require a skilled and experienced child injury lawyer. The Law Offices of Olins & Zucconi can help your child get the financial resources he or she needs to recover as much of the loss as possible and cope with life into the future.