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Case Results

Case Results



1) Head On vehicle collision with U. S. Border Patrol Agent. Result: $3,650,000. Crush injuries and fractures to lower extremity. -2015

2) Dog Attack on USPS mail carrier - Pitt Bull mauling. Result: $600,000. Dog owner's insurance and the insurance company for the landlord of the dog owner each paid policy limits -2015

3) Motor Vehicle Freeway high speed rear-end collision. Result: $400,000. Auto Insurance settlement for injuries to victim driver - fractured arm, shoulder and hip injuries. - 2018

4) Fall from Golf Cart - concussion and brain injury. Result: $500,000. Golf Cart Driver's homeowners insurance paid policy limits - 2016

5) Motor Vehicle vs. USPS Letter Carrier Pedestrian Accident. Result: $350,000 against vehicle driver for knee and hip injuries to pedestrian. - 2017

6) Dog Attack - facial scar to 12 year old child. Result: $300,000. Dog owner's insurance paid policy limits - 2018

7) Motor Vehicle Freeway Accident. Result $100,000. Uninsured auto insurance policy limits for soft tissue injuries to U.S. Navy veteran struck by uninsured driver - rear-end collision. -2018

8) Bicycle vs Motor Vehicle Accident. Result: $100,000 for concussion and contusions to bicyclist. ($50,000 policy limits from driver who struck bicycle rider in marked bike lane, and $50,000 policy limits from under-insured motorist policy. - 2017

9) Motor Vehicle rear-end collision with minor property damage (less than $1,000) Result: $150,000 for shoulder injury requiring surgery. - 2017

10) Dog Attack on USPS Letter Carrier - Result: $100,000 for torn rotater cuff from fall when attacked by Pitt Bull dog. - 2016

11) Dog Attack on retiree walking small dog in Pacific Beach. Result $100,000. Victim bitten on hands by large dog while holding her dog in her arms. - 2016

12) Off Road Racing Accident in Mojave Desert. Result: $5,800,000 collectively for all victims. Client share $310,000.00 for leg fracture and impact injuries. - 2014

13) Pedestrian, 14 year old girl, hit in crosswalk at high school by SUV driven by student. Result: $250,000

14) USPS Letter Carrier - fall when chased by Dog - Result: $100,000 for lower back compression fracture injury. - 2014

15) Low Speed Rear-End Motor Vehicle Collision. Result: $250,000 for cervical injury. - 2015